Long Beach Island, New Jersey
Hotels and Motels

The Hotel and Motels of Long Beach Island are primarily family owned businesses. No big chain hotels, high rise balcony-looking-down-at-the-beach highrises, or expensive suites packed with amenities you might expect at a high end beach resort. Most of the facilities on this page do offer friendly, family oriented accommodations with management that will do all they can to make your stay enjoyable and memorable. There are phone numbers and links to the website for each hotel / motel. Many of their websites provide pictures, rates, and other information about their facilities. A few offer online reservations but most do not.

  • Buccaneer Motel
    2600 N. Bay Ave.
    Spray Beach
    Long Beach Township
    (609) 492-4582 
  • Daddy O's
    44th St.
    Brant Beach
  • Haven Beach Motel
    11004 Long Beach Blvd.
    Haven Beach
    Long Beach Township
    (609) 492-6223
  • Mariner Motel
    33rd Street and Long Beach Boulevard
    Long Beach Township
    (609) 492-1235
  • Spray Beach Inn
    24th Street and Ocean Avenue
    Spray Beach
    Long Beach Township
    (609) 492-1501
  • Surf City Hotel
    8th St. & The Boulevard
    Surf City
    (609)494-7281 or (800)353-3342